dimanche 11 septembre 2011

humanity 2

Dear Friends,

I am very privileged to introduce to you , today my Dear Friend KHELIL OMRAN!
Khelil and I share the most precious gift, we were both born in paradisiac TUNISIA!

I was born in Carthage, historical, spiritual, influential and also legendary international centre...

I am so grateful to have seen the light amongst such hospitable, kind, artistic, interesting and lively people as the Tunisians!

They taught me a lot and I confess I owe them a lot!

I learnt through them the warmth of true brotherly affection and also their humility and genuine good heart never stop to

impress me! Some polished Westerners sometimes reproach me of not mastering the practice of social weak ties,

however I believe that we are not clones or robots and I treasure the special human approach Tunisians taught me

It is sad that the latest political regime became so bad and tyrannical that brave Tunisians had to initiate a non violent

peaceful revolution. The maturity of the main Tunisian Army is amazing since they refused to shoot on crowds!

Khelil was unfortunately one of the many victims persecuted by the old regime of ex-president, Ben Ali.

As a good Tunisian, he is however full of optimism and generosity and demonstrated to be one of our modern heroes!

Not only he managed to help others and is still doing it but he is still smiling in spite of his many personal afflictions.

Khelil and I also share our common interest in helping seniors in our society to get the good quality of life they deserve, as well as giving a chance
of employement to usually discriminated or rejected members of our society.

His brother is preparing a doctorate in history of civilizations and religions, which is also of huge interest to me!

Stating the immense need of the elderly local population, left to themselves, unable to take care of themselves on their own,

Khelil good heart immediately took action to bring them support and care at the expense of his own security and well being.

As you will read further, as Khelil puts it in his own words, he suffered many heart breaking persecutions under the former

political regime, who strangely opposed his good action, but the new government is offering him some land for free,

in front of two Hotels, from this prestigious touristic resort, so that he can build a new residence for seniors citizens, whenever

handicapped or ill or in good health, whatever their religious or ethnical background, according to Tunisian hospitable and friendly

culture, everyone is welcome !

I believe he deserves all our help to create a special village residence for seniors in his native haven village Mahares, with miles of pure

bliss... white sand, blue sky and clean calm sea... hosting the International Festival of Plastic Arts.

As the managing director of UNIVERSAL GRACE FILMS soon to be a foundation, I am proud to bring to your attention
such wonderful and brave initiative, making a good difference to our world!

I have translated the testimony of Khelil Omran for you following and I hope you appreciated our videos!
Do not forget that you are always very much loved...

Sister lucy


It is through a well grinded methodology that our Tunisian People has been subject during twenty three years to  the "Ben Ali" terrorism!

A great people from a great  country, a country who has known many civilizations, whose history started in prehistoric times, since thousands of years

before J.C.

However we have never seen such a dark time like this one.

This is fortunate and I am proud to be a member of this Nation, it is sad to say that we had a President who behaved like a thief,  with a wickedness

never seen in Tunisia before.

I was one of the Tunisians, amongst hundreds and one could say thousands, who have been persecuted
by his political regime.

My story started in 1990, I was amongst many who believed in democracy, in solidarity and to ask for the creation of a social charity to help elderly

people, mainly sick ones and who have no one to help them. I am a psychiatric nurse.

Unfortunately my request was refused and they processed with their punitive methods towards me.

They insisted for me to become a member of the RCD (rassemblement constitutionnel démocratique), the political party of Ben Ali. They took my refusal

as a crime. I asked for protection to the governor of Sfax but instead of helping me, he used my distress to get noticed for advancement by the RCD.

I became the owner of a small restaurant. As a pure coincidence there was a public appeal concerning restaurants in the area from the Regional Hospital

of Mahares (small town near Sfax), I won this opportunity since my goal was not about making any profit but to help the patients with better nutrition,

so that the managers of the Hospital chose me. I have been very happy to be of good service and the patients were delighted.

However the establishment in the area, of course, mainly those affiliated to the RCD, were not pleased and intensified their persecutions against me.
Since I was very scrupulous and honest, I did not allow them any grounds to arrest me, as they wished. So that their only chance was to target my

family. My wife was suffering from psychiatric disorders and we have three children. The local members of the RCD manipulated them into accusing me

and making complaints against me using false accusations. They even used physical violence on my children to force them to accuse me along side

with my wife. I obtained medical certificates from the doctor of my wife to prove she was mentally ill and confirm that the accusations made against me
were unfounded. But they arrested the doctor and caused him many problems.

In their devious methods, they did not hesitate to send a man belonging to their political party

 to spend the night in my home when I was absent at work, according to my older son, he even went in my bedroom with my wife.

Since that time I doubted the integrity of my former wife and asked for a divorce.

This is a very long story so to spare you all details, I wish to summarize following what disastrous consequences these persecutions

brought into my life and the one of my family.

--Divorce in 1994

--Termination of my children's studies although they were brilliant

-- Two amongst my three children are now suffering from schizophrenia

--- I became diabetic
-- I could not find a place to live in peace locally and had to leave my area and family during 15 years

-- I found myself continually tracked down by the RCD until the end of the rule of the tyrant Ben Ali

-- Retention of my passport during these 20 years until today...

All that did not prevent me from helping the elderly in a private intiative since they did not allow me to create a charity.

I am doing it free lance! and I had to use my own personal money! Going from home to home bringing the best care I can... everyday to all who ask for my help!

I am proud to have refused to be part of this political mafia and party.

I wish to create a nursing home in my home village to welcome all elderly people and improve their quality of life!

I have all documents and witnesses confirming what I explained.

Today the Prosecutor of the local Court is going to start interviews of the corrupt policemen, secret services agents, superintendants etc,
following my formal legal complaint. I wish to clarify that I am not looking for their punishments, since I insist I wish to forgive them,
but I wish to dissuade others to repeat such crimes so to protect new generation and to create a new democratic Tunisia respecting human rights
alike any other western democratic country...

The new governement promised me to give me a piece of land where to build the elderly residence. As soon as the legal procedure will be terminated to put this
land under my name, I will sell my house to start the building works of the residence...I am also proud to hire disabled unemployed people, deaf or blind etc to take care of daily hygiene routine or whatever else they can achieve which adapted to their condition to the service of elderly residents, so that I feel I am undertaking a double
good action, which is to give a job to disabled and to help vulnerable members of our population.

lundi 22 février 2010


his appeal is sent to all the partisans of the whole world human défenders of the values without originally ethnic respects in colors or religions and to the opposents in violence ;the extrémisme and the racisme .a participation by a dollar is sufficient for the construction of a centre of acceuil for the agées persons and their care
Dears friends ,before talking about the way you can help our social company , I would like to tell you about some facts : eirstable , you must give your ambassdor some informations about the company . I belong to and the people I work with _the low of my établissement _I'm totaly ready to give you all the documents you need NOTE : I sell my house to be able to reach this human company _my own car became an mini-ambulance to move the sick and handicapped old people:elderly sincerly : khelil omrane


thankyou so much dears frieds for adding me as a friend . and I want sent my appeal to all the partisans of the whole world human défenders of the values without originally ethnic respect in colors or religions and to the opposents in violence ;the extrémisme and the racisme .:a participation by on dolar is sufficient for the construction of a centre of acceuil for the agées persons and their care . thankio again . sincerly : khelil omrane . email : helageriatrie_mahares@yahoo.fr


the old peopledears friends need help : I undersigned khelil omrane and I am officially acting as the deputy of hela company for the elderly which main field of activity is purely social and more precisely taking care of old people who are sick or handicapped providing them with daily social and medical care either at home at the company premises by paramédical or médical staff alongside with life assistance staff .and since our company has recently been established with limited resources we need help in kind or financially and I am willing at any time -when requested -to provide you with all the détails concerning the management accounting ,the differentways the funds are dealt with .please accept my best regards and salutations .your sincerely khelil omrane