lundi 22 février 2010


his appeal is sent to all the partisans of the whole world human défenders of the values without originally ethnic respects in colors or religions and to the opposents in violence ;the extrémisme and the racisme .a participation by a dollar is sufficient for the construction of a centre of acceuil for the agées persons and their care
Dears friends ,before talking about the way you can help our social company , I would like to tell you about some facts : eirstable , you must give your ambassdor some informations about the company . I belong to and the people I work with _the low of my établissement _I'm totaly ready to give you all the documents you need NOTE : I sell my house to be able to reach this human company _my own car became an mini-ambulance to move the sick and handicapped old people:elderly sincerly : khelil omrane

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